Arietta 50 LE Ultrasound

Fujifilm Arietta 50LE Ultrasound

21.5 inch Widescreen Monitor
The high contrast LCD monitor with a wide field of view displays images with high sensitivity and resolution, reducing patient-dependent image variability.

Easy-to-use Touch Screen Panel
The touch screen panel is mounted at a comfortable and convenient angle. The screen’s layout is customizable by clinical application, allowing for intuitive operation.

Adjustable Panel Height/ Rotation
It is possible to adjust the height and rotation of the operating console to best suit the operator and examination to be performed.

Gel Warmer
The gel warmer is conveniently inclined for easy access.

Battery operation enables the system to be moved to a new location without powering it down so that operation can be resumed immediately.

Simplified Operating Console
Minimalized layout includes only the necessary controls. Reduces time searching for the right button, offering a more pleasant operating experience.

User-friendly Interface
Select an examination area from the illustration to start operation.

Scan Using a Previous Setting
Choose a patient’s previously-acquired image and the system will adjust to the same exam settings; invaluable for follow-up comparisons.

Silky Image Processing (SIP)
This adaptive image filter has further evolved to reduce speckles and boost edge enhancement, generating clearer images for easier interpretation.

Auto Optimiser
Images can be adjusted with a single keystroke: B-mode gain, baseline position and velocity range of the Doppler waveform are all optimized.

4Dshading (option)
The 4Dshading technology gives a more realistic appearance to the rendered surface of the fetus, and delineates clear 3D/4D images.



Dimensions: (W)531×(D)767×(H)1317-1567mm
Weight: 64kg (Only for main body)
Display: 21.5 inch High Contrast LCD monitor
Power Requirement: AC100~120V, AC200~240V, 50/60Hz, Max. 470VA
Battery: Optional

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Arietta 50 LE Ultrasound

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