Icanclave Autoclave

Icanclave Autoclave Touch Series T218 / T223

ICANCLAVE T218/T223 are the highest performance autoclaves from the ICANCLAVE family with innovative technologies designed in Europe. Available in 18L and 23L.

Information about the functions, progress of the operation, and the state of the sterilization are conveniently displayed on the screen. The sterilization cycle can be selected quickly and directly from the program-related icons on the touch screen.

In situations where a medical institution is faced with a scarcity of sterilizers but has a high demand for surgeries, or when there is an urgent need to sterilize instruments, it becomes crucial to have an autoclave equipped with a fast cycle.

The Quick S cycle offers a rapid and efficient sterilization process for both solid and hollow instruments. This not only enhances the workflow but also improves the overall efficiency of the sterilization process, making it an effective solution for urgent instrument sterilization requirements.


  • Full automatic table top autoclave with pre-set programs
  • Complies with European standard EN13060
  • Full touch screen
  • 15-minute Quick S Cycle
  • In built independent rapid steam generator ensures quick sterilization cycles
  • Rapid post-sterilization vacuum drying
  • Self-initialization when work in different altitude
  • Delayed start function lets users programme the sterilization cycle so it can be executed outside working hours
  • Both manual water filling and automatic water filling
  • Three different light signatures showing operating status
  • Smart descale cycle.

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Icanclave Autoclave

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