DEVO DR 35x43cm GOS Panel

FDR D-EVO DR 35x43cm GOS Panel

Indirect conversion FPD system for general X-ray exposure.

FDR D-EVO Overview

  • Standard size 35 × 43 cm DR panel
  • Dual usage — wireless and wired mode — enables wide range of exposures (*only with G35i)
  • Enhanced image processing — Fujifilm’s proprietary technologies guarantees high image quality
  • Quick preview — rapid display of images and automatic trimming ensure smooth examinations
  • The world’s first “SmartSwitch” technology


Two selectable modes according to the examination environment (*only with G35i)

Easy and rapid switching between modes is available as required, dependent on examination type. The mode is automatically switched in only 1 sec. by detaching or attaching the cable.

Wireless mode enables free positioning with easy handling. When used as a wireless portable type, table-top exposures are easily performed, allowing exposure situations to be expanded.

With the cable attached, the battery in the cassette can be charged. X-ray procedures run smoothly without any worry about the state of the battery.

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Battery charging methods suitable for various environments

By charging the extra battery pack with the designated charger, the battery can be quickly replaced whenever needed, allowing the X-ray procedures to be performed without interruption. The battery lasts about 3.5 hours. The charger is common in the FDR D-EVO series.

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With the SE cable attached, the battery used in the cassette can be charged. Even if the battery level becomes low in the wireless mode, X-ray procedures can be carried out without interruption by attaching the cable. The SE cable is common in the FDR D-EVO series.

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Mechanism of “SmartSwitch”

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In X-ray Auto Detection Mode, DR cassettes detect X-rays at the time of exposure and automatically enter the image detection mode and then the image construction mode.

Unparalleled speed — improved workflow

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Approx. 1 sec. preview and 11 sec. inter-exposures time for wireless mode and 8 sec. for wired mode.

After exposure the preview image is produced almost instantly thus allowing rapid image confirmation.

Auto-recognition of the examination area and film sized trimming

The X-ray exposure field is automatically recognized and trimmed to the most suitable image size (file sized trimming is also supported).

New CONSOLE ADVANCE with enhanced functions for FDR D-EVO

The sophisticated design of the GUI contributes to the safe, comfortable and efficient performance of all radiographic examinations

In addition to the familiar basic operation, new gradation design monitor and the intuitive arrangement of operation buttons make it possible to check and confirm information quickly and accurately. The image display area on the display monitor is larger, and enables easy checking of diagnostic images. An optional touch panel monitor ensures quick and accurate operation.

Integrating Fujifilm’s various FDR / FCR systems with a single CONSOLE ADVANCE

CONSOLE ADVANCE controls both FDR D-EVO and FCR, providing a consistent user interface.

  • Both FDR D-EVO and FCR reader can be connected simultaneously thus reducing space requirements in the X-ray room.
  • Workflow is streamlined by removing the need for duplication of data entry.
  • Utilizing a common set of processing algorithms consistent results are produced from both FCR and FDR D-EVO allowing for easier image management.
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Type panel size detector with ISS (Irradiation Side Sampling system)
Scintillator GOS (Gadolinium oxysulfide)
Detector external size 460 × 384 × 14.8 mm
Weight 3.3 kg (including battery)
Pixel pitch 0.15 mm
Pixels 2880 × 2304 pixels
Wireless standard IEEE 802.11n, 5.2 GHz
Image preview Approx. 1 sec.
Cycle time Approx. 9 sec. (wired mode) / Approx. 11 sec. (wireless mode)
Battery recharging time Approx. 3 hours
Battery performance Standby: approx. 3 hr. 30 min.
Number of exposures: approx. 750 exposures (@ 12 sec. cycle)
Standard configuration DR-ID 601SE / DR-ID 600MP / DR-ID 600MC / DR-ID 300CL
Optional parts DR601 SE Battery charger / DR601 SE Battery