The first ultrasound system designed exclusively for veterinary medicine.

Compact, powerful and easily transportable.

EXAGO offers veterinary practices exceptional image quality and unparalleled ease-of-use.An extensive selection of wide-band probes, makes the unit ideal for tendon and musculoskeletal applications, as well as reproductive and abdominal examinations.


Wherever you use the Exago, you benefit from an excellent image quality. Due to its wide range of multi-frequency probes, it efficiently meets all your application requirements.


Designed with the latest technologies and well adapted to the veterinarian environment, it is reliable and robust. It will quickly and easily provide you with high-end ultrasound images.


Compact and light, it is specially designed for field use. Its interchangeable battery provides you with up to 6 hours of examinations without any concern about electrical power supply. Exago will follow you securely everywhere in its robust case. Thus you will get the same image quality and image interpretation as in your office practice.


Designed for long term use with a fully digital system, it is progressive and easily upgradable (both hardware and software) and will always fully meet your requirements.

USER-FRIENDLY – Forget about your equipment and focus on your diagnosis.

Fast handling makes it really easy to use. The quality of the interface ergonomics makes it very user-friendly. Benefit from several automatic functions and customisable data.



System Features

  • 8.4 high resolution LCD monitor
  • Alphanumeric keyboard and touch pad
  • Indestructible design military specifications
  • Interchangeable battery with an industry leading run time of up to 6 hours
  • Wide range of variable frequency probes (convex, micro-convex, linear, rectal, body composition)

Imaging Features

Best image quality of any 3kg system

  • B, B-B, B M mode, Color Flow Mapping, Pulsed Wave-Power Doppler, Cardiac, Video Clips, MSK All Standard
  • Precise tendon diagnosis and visualization of fetal hearts
  • Compound Imaging and Speckle Reduction
  • Noise Rejection Technology eliminates artifacts and reduces background noise
  • Automatic, hands-free follicle measurement

Image Transfer and Reporting Features

Patient ID, annotations and report pages all veterinary-specific

Measurements and calculations for tendon and reproduction

Full feature DICOM connectivity

Dedicated store button enables one-click transfer of images to USB key

Software downloads and updates

Ports: USB, RJ 45, Ethernet, Composite Video, DVI, Digital Streaming

Additional information

Weight 3.2 kg