FujiFilm RxVet 32kw 3 Phase Table

RXVet 2-way floating table top, 1.400 x 700mm with easily accessible x-ray control console, X-ray exposure foot switch included for user convenience, buckle fastener for animal holding and positioning, Oscillating moving bucky with grid.
GXR Series 32kW, 3 phase powered x-ray generator, UHF, 125kvp, 400mA, 0,0001 ~ 10sec, 38 steps, includes:

–          Remote diagnosis via internet to reduce service cost and time.

–          Easy parameter setting & Firmware upgrade.

–          Real time self-diagnosis, Error log & Statistical data display.

–          Tube anode HU display & protection.

–          Tube overload and housing overheat protection.

–          Rotor Brake Function: DC Brake, No anode rotation noise after exposure.

–          Generator has wheels to keep off the floor and for easy cleaning.

140KHU Toshiba X-RayTube with a 1.0 / 2.0 mm Focal Spot Size.
Manual Collimator with electronic timer, Bucky centering light with 30 or 60 second timer.