K dot Handheld Pulse Oximetry Monitor

K dot Handheld Pulse Oximetry Monitor

Small, lightweight and ergonomic, for continuous pulse oximetry monitoring.


  • Accurate measurement in 0.05% low perfusion lndex
  • Provides PI parameters (perfusion index 0.05%-20%) Accurate measurement in all kinds of extreme environments such as neonatal and shock patients
  • View up to 100 user IDs through the 3.5” colour TFT
  • Data storage capabilities include: historical data view and trend chart
  • 48 hours of continuous data storage
  • USB data upload: Transfer data to PC via cable
  • Spot mode: 100 user IDs, each user can store 200 data sets
  • Audio and visual alarms: set upper and lower limit values
  • Re-chargeable Lithium ion battery power supply

Measurement range:
SpO2: 0-100%
PR: 0-500 bpm Perfusion index: 0.05%-20%

Accuracy range:
SpO2 saturation: 70-100%
Pulse rate: 20-500 bpm
Perfusion lndex: 0.025%-20%

Measurement accuracy
– Large animal (including paediatric) + 2 digit (70-100%) (<70% not defined)
– Small animal + 3 digits (<70% not defined)
– On motion condition + 3 digit
– PR: Large/small animal (including paediatric)+ 3 digits
– On motion condition+ 3 digits
– Perfusion lndex: 0.05%-20%

SpO2 saturation: 1 %
Pulse rate: 1 bpm


Measurement range: 25 – 45°C
Resolution: 0.1°C
Accuracy: 0.1°C



The Wider Measurement range:

  Large Animal  Small Animal
SYS  40-270mmHg  40-200mmHg
MEAN  20-230mmHg  20-165mmHg
DIA  10-210mmHg  10-150mmHg

Pulse Rate Range: 40-240bpm
NIBP Measurment Accuracy: ± 3mmHg
Pulse rate measurement accuracy: <=2% (>=100bpm) or 2 beats/min (<100bpm)
Independent software protection pressure: large animal: 300mmHg / small animal: 300mmHg
Independent hardware protection pressure: large animal: 320-330mmHg / small animal: 320-330mmHg

Measurement range: 0-150mmHg (0-16.7%)
(0-20kPa) RR: 3-150bpm
Temperature Work Environment: 10-40°C
Accuracy range:

Model SpO2 NIBP (5 cuff sizes included) Temperature EtCO2
M3S (TTM00) ✔️
M3T (TTM01) ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
M3E (TTM02) ✔️ ✔️ ✔️

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