VetCAT Portable CT

VetCAT Portable CT

VetCAT – CT made simple.

VetCAT is a conebeam CT scanner designed to take dentistry to the next level in your practice.

VetCAT’s high-quality 3D imaging is invaluable for accurate diagnosis and treatment. It equips vets and their staff with an easy-to-use, fast, non-invasive tool to accurately assess a patient’s condition in real time during exams.

  • Battery Operated, portable – ideal for a Vet clinic setting
  • Compact size makes it easy to store and access when you need it.
  • Easy positioning – rolls easily into position for scans on demand.
  • Generate scans in under 60 seconds
  • Self-shielded

Mobile CT for Veterinary Clinics of All Sizes

VetCAT is a small, portable CT scanner designed for use by veterinary professionals in the clinic. VetCAT rolls easily into position at your patient’s table. With the push of a button, you get a high-quality CT scan of your patient in less than a minute.
Be the veterinarian with the answers. Pet owners are relying on you for answers and having immediate access to high definition 3D xrays from VetCAT will speed up your diagnosis and improve the accuracy for your planning and treatment of the animal’s condition. VetCAT will dramatically impact how you treat your patients and build relationships with the pet’s owners.
Whilst traditional 2D radiographs provide a basic planar view, they don’t allow you to see what lies behind and around an area of interest. There’s no surprises with VetCAT 3D CT. You can view your patients anatomy in high definition with geometric accuracy from all angles. The aid of measurement tools allow for precise planning and give you a roadmap of the the anatomy you are about to approach clinically.
With the answers provided by VetCAT you’re now equipped with tools that can avoid delays, hidden surprises and uncertainty. You can now move ahead with treatment confidently and with a data driven plan to guide you from diagnosis through to treatment.

Make Better Decisions with High Quality 3D images

1. Diagnose – At the diagnosis stage, VetCAT enables you to determine the extent of your patient’s disease or injury during an exam and to begin treatment.
2. Plan – At the planning stage, VetCAT helps you determine your optimal approach, define your surgical margins, and avoid critical structures.
3. Treat – During and after procedures, VetCAT provides you with updated images so you can assess the accuracy and completeness of your intervention.
For more information visit the VetCAT website.