iM3 – P6 LED Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler

iM3 P6 Piezo LED Ultrasonic Scaler

The P6 Piezo LED includes all of the great features on the standard P6 Piezo as well as a bright
white LED ring at the end of the handpiece illuminating the scaling tip and working area.
The LED light has a built in delay keeping the LED light on after you release your foot from
the control pedal keeping the working area illuminated.

Technical specifcations are as follows:

  • Power Supply: Available in either 115 Volts or 230 Volts – Working Freq.: 30,000 Hz (cycles) individual stand alone unit.
  • System includes 4 tips and 1 tip wrench.
  • Connects directly to the water system of any iM3 air driven dental machine.
  • Pump up water tank with fittings available for stand alone use.
  • Dimension: 7.68”(L) x 3.38”(W) x 3.27” (H) – Weight: 3.52 lbs.

Piezo ultrasonic scalers have more power and generate less heat than cavitron style scalers. The tip action is linear and the movement of the tip is used
to remove plaque and calculus by physically scraping the tooth’s surface. The tip should never be used on its point as it will work like a jackhammer
(wood pecker) and create a hole in the tooth. The main disadvantage of the Piezo is still the heat generated, enamel damage and the limitations of
scaling 1-2mm safely subgingivally.

The system includes 4 scaling tips that are autoclavable:

iM3 P4 P6 Piezo Scaling Tip BS-1 Pointed Tip
BS-1 Pointed Tip
iM3 P4 P6 Piezo Scaling Tip BS-2 Square Tip
BS-2 Square Tip
iM3 P4 P6 Piezo Scaling Tip BS-3 Round Tip
BS-3 Round Tip
iM3 P4 P6 Piezo Scaling Tip BS-P Perio Tip
BS-P Perio Tip