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Meet CenPACS.. Cloud PACS storage that won't cost you a fortune.

CenPACS cloud-based PACS storage is used to securely store DICOM medical images from any modality in your practice (e.g. digital X-ray, ultrasound, CT, MRI etc) in the cloud so that images can be accessed from anywhere and on any device with an internet connection (modalities need to have DICOM Send capability).

We have a few CenPACS package options available to suit your practice requirements:

CenPACS 250
Includes storage for 250 studies and 1 year to use the studies.

CenPACS 500
Includes storage for 500 studies and 1 year to use the studies.

CenPACS 1000
Includes storage for 1000 studies and 1 year to use the studies.

CenPACS 2000
Includes storage for 2000 studies and 1 year to use the studies.

All packages have the option to upgrade your current plan prior to plan expiring, any unused studies from your current plan will roll over to the new plan you choose, so you can scale up or scale down your new plan as required. All your previous studies will be accessible for 7 years as long as you keep an active subscription.

Local in-clinic PACS options are also available, including a hybrid PACS configuration which keeps your local PACS and cloud PACS synchronised at all times, contact us for more information.

Initial modality setup is included in the cost; any additional modalities will incur extra charges per device - once off setup fee.

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