Radiation Protection


Vari-Weight Apron

Offering comfort, cost-effectiveness, and an easy on-and-off design, the Vari-Weight is our most popular radiation protection apron style. This fabric crosses your upper back then dips low to secure at your hips with a hook-and-loop fastener. This protective garment's design rests the weight securely at your waist, keeps the sleeves on your shoulders, and is simple to take on and off.  Pocket is included.


Apron Size
Apron Size
Fits Dress Size Fits Suit Size Max Chest/Hip
Fits Max Height
small 20" x 32" 4 - 6 34 - 36 36" 5' 6"
medium 22" x 34" 8 - 10 38 - 40 40" 5' 10"
large 24" x 36" 12 - 14 42 - 44 44" 6' 0"
x-large 26" x 38" 16 - 18 46 - 48 48" 6' 2"
xx-large 28" x 40" 20 - 22 50 - 52 52" 6' 4"

Thyroid Collar with hook and loop closure bar-ray

Thyroid Collar with Hook-and-Loop Closure

Minimize X-ray exposure of the thyroid gland and neck with a protective Thyroid Collar. This protective Thyroid Collar features secure hook-and-loop fasteners for a snug fit and better radiation protection. Collar Covers are available to keep your thyroid collars clean and sanitary.


Radiation protection fits like a glove. These vinyl hand coverings are the perfect blend of protection and comfort, covered with a soft urethane materials for rugged durability. Slip on the leaded gloves, and your fingers will find a breathable nylon liner that keeps your hands cool during procedures. Latex free.
Available as a pair or as left or right styles only. Offers .50mm protection. No color choice available.


Vet Mittens

Don't let kitty or puppy slip through your fingers. Our leaded Vet Mittens feature nonslip material on the palms, so you won't lose your grip while positioning animal patients during procedures. To keep the protective mittens on your hands, simply secure them in place with the flexible wrist strap, secured with a hook-and-loop fastener. These Vet Mittens are sturdy and resist scratches and tears from animal claws.
Offers .50mm wrap-around protection; available in pattern shown only.

Bar-ray pet transporter xray imaging accessory

Pet Transporter

Keep your animal patients safe and secure, from the examination table to the imaging area. The Pet Transporter's sturdy, stain-resistant nylon surface is reinforced with 2" webbing, and adjustable buckles gently keep animals in place. Sturdy fiberglass poles with ergonomic rubber hand grips makes lifting simple for you and safe for your animal patients. Simply roll it or hang it up when not in use.

xray radiation accessories hangers carry bags and racks

Storage & Hangers

The Economy Hanger Swivel  allows for easy rotation of aprons as it is hanging. The nickel plated, steel wire provides extra durability.

The Five Apron Rack is a sleek storage solution: Store up to five aprons on the sturdy, suspended hanger arms. Fold the arms flush against the wall when not in use.

The Apron Bag made from heavy duty nylon is a breeze to carry. Just roll your protective apron around the inner cardboard tube and insert into the barrel-style bag.

Radiation Protection

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