Is your clinic a Cryosuccess?


Is your clinic a Cryosuccess?

Cryosurgery is where extreme cold temperatures are used to destroy abnormal, infected or diseased tissue. It is often used to treat skin conditions such as skin tags, cysts and some tumours. It does this by destroying the cells of the target tissue, and temporarily numbing the surrounding sensory nerves. As a result, this reduces pain and discomfort for the patient. Due to the low temperatures used, bacteria are also killed, which may be particularly beneficial in infected tissue.

Cryosurgery may be carried out with local anaesthesia to the area, with or without sedation in the patient. Depending on the size and location of the area being treated, and depending on the condition that is treated, cryosurgery is curative in many cases. Utilising cryosurgery avoids actual cutting and sutures in patients, and is often preferred in patients that are a higher anaesthetic risk and by clients as a minimally invasive procedure.

The CryoSuccess features a safety release valve which enables the user to disconnect the cartridge without wasting gas.

CryoSuccess is now available through Cenvet and CenQuip.

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